Purchase notice

📍Please read the following terms carefully before shopping. Upon completion of the shopping procedure, you agree to be bound by the following terms:

-Once the order is submitted, it cannot be modified. Please check all the contents carefully before placing the order.
-Due to errors in the address and Shunfeng code and contact telephone number and other information, it cannot be delivered or sent . Jiyi Wen Qing is not responsible for any responsibility. Please fill in the relevant information accurately. Please fill in the telephone number and delivery address .
-If you need to change the delivery method and address after placing an order, please contact Shunfeng to change it yourself. Shunfeng may charge customers additional fees.
-If payment is not received within 24 hours of receipt of the order, it will be treated as abandoned.


After-sales service

-After placing the order, the customer will receive an order confirmation by SMS or email, depending on which method is selected for contact information when submitting the order. * Customers are urged to check the Spam/Promotional Email column * when choosing to contact by email so as not to be sorted into spam boxes

- If you do not receive any form of order confirmation after placing the order, please contact us as soon as possible.

- After placing an order and completing the payment process, we are sorry that we do not accept requests for refunds or cancellations of orders.

- If we find that we have made a mistake after receiving the goods, please contact us for replacement within four days . Do not unpack, open or used goods will not be replaced.

- If the product has the problem of missing pages or damage, please contact us within four days. After confirmation, we will arrange to replace the product, but we cannot make a refund.

-Repeated purchase, wrong purchase, dislike of , color difference problem of goods , etc., are not accepted.

-If the pre-order is out of stock and no backup option is provided, we will arrange a refund for the relevant goods and the remaining goods will continue to be ordered.

-If you choose to come to the store to pick up the goods, please arrange it within 3 months after receiving the notice of picking up the goods. If it is overdue, it will be regarded as abandoned and no refund will be made.

For any enquiries, please welcome IG inbox 91 Wen Qing or email nineone.hipster@gmail.com.